The Participant Directed Services (PDS) Waiver Program, formerly called Consumer Directed Options, has been in place at KIPDA since 2006. PDS Waiver programs are for persons who are aging, have developmental or intellectual challenges, have physical disabilities, or who are otherwise unable to care for themselves independently in their home and community. 

 Medicaid Waiver services such as PDS/CDO make it possible for individuals to remain in their home/community and avoid institutional or nursing facility care. PDS/CDO programs differ from traditional waiver programs by allowing participants to have control in decisions about their care and services they receive through the Medicaid Waiver. PDS/CDO programs let the participant select the individual that will be coming into their home to provide person centered services. A participant may also elect to use the PDS/CDO program to attend a day program or receive incontinent supplies if the participant needs those options. A person is more likely to remain healthy if he/she is comfortable within their own environment. It is more economical for a participant to live in his/her own home, then to be placed in an institution or nursing facility. This is a blessing for the participant and a benefit to the overall State budget.

Services Available: 

  • Service Advisors
  • Case Management 
  • Financial Management 
  • Waiver Specific Self-Directed Services in the Waiver, include but may not be limited to: 
    • Home and Community Supports
    • Attendant Care
    • Respite
    • Supplies
    • Minor Home Adaptations 
    • Community Living Supports