KIPDA serves as the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for the Louisville/Jefferson County KY-IN urbanized area and is also responsible for the Regional Transportation Council (RTC). The MPO consists of Jefferson, Bullitt, and Oldham counties in Kentucky and Clark and Floyd Counties in Indiana. Our Regional Transportation Council consists of Shelby, Spencer, Henry, and Trimble counties in Kentucky.

Metropolitan Planning Organization 101

The MPO is a policy board of an organization, also known as the Transportation Policy Committee, that is created and designated to carry out the transportation policy. Click on the button below to better understand how an MPO works, the funding decisions, and the ins and outs of the plans and programs the MPO operates.

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Connecting Kentuckiana 2050 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP)

FY 2023-2026 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

The KIPDA Metropolitan Planning Organization

KIPDA serves as the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for the Louisville/Jefferson County KY-IN urbanized area. An MPO is defined in federal transportation legislation as the designated decision-making body that is responsible for carrying out the metropolitan transportation planning process as defined by the current federal transportation act.

“It is in the national interest (1) to encourage and promote the safe and efficient management, operation, and development of surface transportation systems that will serve the mobility needs of people and freight, foster economic growth and development within and between States and urbanized areas, and take into consideration resiliency needs while minimizing transportation-related fuel consumption and air pollution through metropolitan and statewide transportation planning processes identified in this chapter; and (2) to encourage the continued improvement and evolution of the metropolitan and statewide transportation planning processes by metropolitan planning organizations, State departments of transportation, and public transit operators…” – 23 CFR 134(a)

An MPO is designated for each urban area with a population of more than 50,000 people (i.e., for each Urbanized Area (UZA) defined in the most recent decennial Census). The Louisville/Jefferson County KY-IN Metropolitan Planning Area (MPA) consists of the U.S. Census-defined Louisville Urbanized Area and the area projected to be urbanized by the year 2050. The MPA includes Bullitt, Jefferson and Oldham counties in Kentucky and Clark and Floyd counties in Indiana, as well as 1/10th of a square mile in Harrison County, Indiana and four square miles of Shelby County, Kentucky.

Committee Structure

The Transportation Policy Committee (TPC) is the policy board responsible for carrying out key MPO policy functions and directing the transportation planning process for the MPA. The Transportation Technical Coordinating Committee (TTCC) is responsible for providing technical advice and assisting the TPC in carrying out the responsibilities assigned to the MPO.

Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP)

The UPWP outlines funding and planning activities to be carried out by the MPO each fiscal year.

Federal Certification Review

Planning Memorandum of Agreement

Self Certifications