The Connecting Kentuckiana 2050 (CK2050) Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) is a comprehensive policy document projecting the transportation needs and outlining the vision and priorities for the region for the next 20 years. The CK2050 MTP must meet federal regulations through the following provisions:

  • Identify long-range transportation goals and specific long- and short-range investment strategies across all modes of transportation to support meeting those goals.
  • Be updated every four years.
  • Provide a minimum 20-year plan horizon.
  • Support regional land use and economic development policies and plans.
  • Demonstrate fiscal constraint for all funded projects.
  • Demonstrate air quality conformity.
  • Reflect robust and diverse input and strategies from stakeholders and the public.

CK2050 Projects

The list of transportation projects in CK 2050 is fiscally constrained, meaning the expected available funding is sufficient to construct or implement them.  

The recommended projects are provided in both a list and map format below. Note that a few projects are not mappable to a specific location. Project cost represents year of expenditure cost which considers a project’s future year cost due to inflation.

CK 2050 Amendments

Project changes are necessary as projects and conditions develop. Amendments are made for major changes and additions. Documentation of amendments are listed below. 

Administrative Modifications

In November of 2023, the Transportation Policy Committee approved a new policy where Administrative Modifications will now be included in the MTP. Administrative Modifications are project changes that are considered minor. Previously, Administrative Modifications were only showcased in the TIP. The new policy now includes Administrative Policies in both the TIP and MTP beginning with Administrative Modification 7.