These events are open to service providers, students and interns, and interested community members. 

For access to all events, please visit their websites for meeting times and locations or contact Holly Bagley to be added to the email list

KIPDA Lunch & Learns

Lunch & Learn

An hour-long presentation on the first Wednesday of the month from 12:00 – 1:00 pm about KIPDA delivered services – general background, included services, eligibility, fee, accessibility, and included KIPDA partners and providers.

A coalition between KIPDA, The Trager Institute, and The Barren River ADD to promote and develop social networks and resources needed to promote geriatric workforce development in rural communities and to increase the community supports that help older adults in rural communities lead healthier lives. The Kentucky Coalition for Healthy Communities (KCHC) is an “umbrella” coalition comprised of community-based coalitions, social service agencies, collaborative grant teams, university partners, healthcare businesses, community organizers, frontline workers, ministers, peer mentors and older adults/caregivers/families and community members who support improving the health of the residents of Kentucky.  As part of the KCHC, an annual county challenge walk is held in the month of September. Counties complete against each other to see which county has the most steps of the day. A traveling trophy is awarded to the county with the most steps. 

A coalition between health and community workers in Oldham County working to promote, establish, and maintain healthy lifestyles and choices within the community. The coalition’s primary focuses are on substance abuse prevention, community safety, and physical activity and nutrition for all populations in the county. 

Coalition for a Healthy Oldham County

The committee was established when the Healthy Oldham County Coalition decided to break off into several different workgroups and then report back on the progress of these committees to the larger coalition. Better Choices workgroup works within the community primarily on nutrition and active choices. The workgroups work within the farmers markers, community events, and other outreach activities. 

 Age-Friendly Louisville

An initiative by the World Health Organization. Working to make Louisville more age friendly for all ages. We have 4 domains and workgroups; they are; Housing; Mobility and Access (Transportation); Social Participation, Respect, and Inclusion; Community Support and Health Services.

Age-Friendly Louisville