When parents are absent or unable to raise their children, grandparents are often the ones who step in. Raising a second generation brings many rewards, including the fulfillment of giving your grandkids a sense of security, developing a deeper relationship, and keeping the family together. It also comes with many challenges. No matter how much you love your grandkids, taking them into your home requires major adjustments. But with the right guidelines and support, you can roll back the years and make a real difference in the lives of your grandchildren.

The Kentucky Caregiver Program was established to assist Grandparents Raising Grandchildren who meet the low-income requirement and have custody of their grandchildren without the parent living in the home.  KIPDA’s mission is to serve grandparents of any age who are caring for their grandchildren despite the financial challenges.

Vouchers are issued once a year to provide the qualified grandparents with funding to purchase necessary items for each grandchild who is not already receiving monthly Kinship benefits from the state.

Additional services are also available from our contracted provider network and are listed below. 

  • Vouchers issued for the purchase of 
    • Clothing
    • School uniforms
    • school supplies
    • toiletries
    • furniture
  • Referrals for grandparent support groups
  • Referrals for other community resources
  • Information and Referral 
  • Access to training and skills building 

Helpful information and resources: