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KIPDA is always open for public input.

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Visit our TTCC and TPC meeting pages for meeting information and procedures.

Phone & Email

Call: 502-266-6144

Email: KIPDA.trans@kipda.org

Provide Input on Current Initiatives

Throughout the year, specific public comment opportunities will be made available and will be highlighted in this section.

Community input is critical to an effective transportation planning process. The MPO Public Participation Plan outlines how KIPDA collects public input.

Share Transportation Ideas & Concerns

Identify any location-specific transportation concerns or ideas through our Public Comment Application.

Please send general comments to KIPDA.trans@kipda.org

Public Comments Received

KIPDA staff collects public comments through public involvement campaigns. Those public comments are then disseminated to the Transportation Policy Committee (TPC) members for their consideration. A copy of those comments can be found below and, if applicable, a response or a statement to those comments from the TPC.

Public comments received from KIPDA’s Public Comment Application tool are below.

Updated as of February 23, 2023

Public Involvement Report

Staff reports on activities, website & social media data, and public comments at the monthly Transportation Policy Committee. Click the button below to view those monthly reports.

Federal Certification Review Information (June 22-23, 2022)

KIPDA’s federal partners were on-site June 22-23rd to ensure we are in standards of the federal regulations that allow us to operate as an MPO. An interactive story map to showcase the MPO’s actions was created. Along with the map, a survey was developed.

Click the button below to access the KIPDA Federal Certification Interactive Map and see the survey results.

Provide Input on Partner Initiatives

There are no current public comment initiatives from our partners at this time.