In 2000, the Kentucky General Assembly passed Senate Bill 409, requiring Area Development Districts (ADDs) to work with the Kentucky Infrastructure Authority (KIA) to develop water management planning areas and to create county and regional water management councils in each ADD. The ADDs were also given the responsibility of prioritizing and ranking all water and wastewater projects in their respective region for any available funding through the Kentucky State Legislature. 


The KIPDA Regional Water Management Council is comprised of system directors and operators, county judge executives, city mayors, engineers, planners, environmental scientists and water and wastewater professionals within the region. The council meets quarterly on the second Tuesday in January, April, July and October of each year. The KIPDA Water Management Coordinator and the Regional Water Management Council chairman facilitate the council meetings, procure guest speakers and create productive agendas that aim to offer each system in the region something to take away and learn from. The KIPDA Water Management Coordinator also works closely with staff from the Kentucky Infrastructure Authority (KIA) and Kentucky Division of Water (KDOW) to relay any changes or updates in legislature, polices or regulations to the KIPDA region system directors. The council is often utilized as a forum and a place for open discussion between system directors to communicate, share ideas and learn more about how other systems in the region have stayed in compliance with emerging regulations or grew into greater capacities. 

Current water and wastewater prioritization project rankings are available for review. 

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