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    KIPDA Project ID# 1618 : Kopp Lane Pavement Rehabilitation

    Project Description: Make point repairs to sub-base, mill, and overlay, and resurface existing roadway from Eastern Boulevard to Hallmark Boulevard.  Length 7.2 miles.

    Project Sponsor: Town of Clarksville, Indiana

    State Project ID Number: 0900545

    American Recovery & Reinvestment Act Funds programmed for this project: $120,000

    Anticipated Open to Public Year: 2010

    Related Project Information
    04/2009 Project Progress Form (PDF, 280 KB)
    05/2009 Project Progress Form (PDF, 89 KB)
    06/2009 Project Progress Form (PDF, 90 KB)

    09/2009: Project under review by INDOT.
    01/2010: Project is scheduled to be let in January 2010.
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    2:00 PM June 21, 2018
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    Louisville, Kentucky 40299
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