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    2010 Federal Certification Review of the Louisville (KY-IN) Metropolitan Planning Organization

    Consistent with 23 U.S.C 134(k)(5) and 49 U.S.C 5303(k)(5), the primary purpose of a certification review is to formalize the continuing oversight and day-to-day evaluation of the planning process. The certification review process ensures that the planning requirements of 23 U.S.C. 134 and 49 U.S.C. 5303 are being satisfactorily implemented. In a broader sense, the certification review process is a valuable opportunity to provide advice and guidance to a Transportation Management Area (TMA), defined as an urbanized area with a population over 200,000, for enhancing the planning process and improving the quality of transportation investment decisions.

    While the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and Federal Transit Administration (FTA) interact with TMA planning officials, State DOTs, Transit operators, etc on a routine basis — reviewing and approving planning products, providing technical assistance, and promoting good practice — the formal assessment during a certification review provides an objective view of the TMA transportation planning process. It can serve as a catalyst to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the planning process, and help ensure that the major transportation planning issues facing a metropolitan area are being addressed. In addition, by identifying noteworthy practices, which can be shared with other states, MPOs, and transit operators, the certification process provides an opportunity for continued progress in expanding the art of transportation planning while implementing the regulations.  - from http://www.planning.dot.gov/documents/primer/intro_primer.asp#intro

    For additional information on the Federal Certification Review process, please see: http://www.planning.dot.gov/documents/primer/intro_primer.asp.  

    2010 FHWA/FTA Federal Certification Review Report - Part 1 (PDF, 325 KB)
    2010 FHWA/FTA Federal Certification Review Report - Part 2 (PDF, 4.9 MB)
    2010 FHWA/FTA Federal Certification Review Report - Part 3 (PDF, 7.3 MB)

    2006 FHWA/FTA Federal Certification Review Report (PDF, 3.9 MB)

    Desk Audit Review Items

    Federal Certification Review Report, PDF, 1.5 MB
    Appendix A, PDF, 41 KB
    Appendix B, PDF, 101 KB
    Appendix C, PDF, 2.3 MB
    Appendix D, PDF, 89 KB
    Posted 01/07/2010

    Horizon 2030: The Long-Range Transportation Plan for the Louisville (KY-IN) Metropolitan Planning Area

    FY 2007 - FY 2011 Transportation Improvement Program

    FY 2009 Unified Planning Work Program
    PDF, 1.65 MB (Also available through the Documents and Studies page.)

    FY 2009 Annual Listing of Obligated Projects
    PDF, 82 KB (Also available through the Documents and Studies page.)

    Congestion Management Process Overview
    PDF, 7.8 MB (Also available though the Documents and Studies page and the CMP page.)

    Participation Plan
    PDF, 1.1 MB (Also available though the Documents and Studies page and the Outreach & Participation page.)

    Short Range Transit Plan - Please refer to this Capital Improvement Program for TARC (PDF, 12 KB) (included in the TIP).  Please also refer to the Capital Improvement page of the TARC website.   

    Long-Range Transit Plan (Link will take you to TARC's website).

    Most Recent Air Quality Conformity Determination
    PDF, 159 KB

    Most Recent MTP Amendment Resolution (PDF, 245 KB) and Conformity Finding (PDF, 74 KB)

    Documents, Studies & Maps

    ITS Architecture Report
    PDF, 1.4 MB (Also available through the Documents and Studies page)

    Comment Summary Example
    PDF, 200 KB (Also available though the Outreach & Participation page)

    2005 - 2009 Public Outreach Events
    PDF, 396 KB (Also available though the Outreach & Participation page)

    Title VI/Environmental Justice 

    Greater Louisville Region Coordinated Public Transit - Human Services Transportation Plan (Link will take you to the TARC website)

    Coordinated Human Services Transportation Plan for Bullitt, Henry, Oldham, Shelby, Spencer, and Trimble Counties, Kentucky
    PDF, 11.3 MB (Also available through the Documents and Studies page and the RTC Documents and Studies page)

    Incorporating Security into the Louisville (KY-IN) Metropolitan Transportation Planning Process
    PDF, 540 KB (Also available through the Documents and Studies page.)




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